A Tasty Tweet Leaves Lasting Impression

by Cassie Holman

The season is here. I’ve been battling a nasty cold/cough/flu/mystery sickness for over two weeks. MISERABLE. However, while going about my daily routine, I’ve tried to keep my Twitter and Facebook complaining to a minimum. Today, I broke down and sent out a cry on Twitter and Facebook for a magical cure to my ailments. I was met with loads of advice–neti pots, warm apple cider vinegar, echinacea, vitamin C, and other supplements to turn my immune system into a superhero. Thanks, friends.

But the most interesting response was a tweet from @KraftHOMESTYLE:

I followed the link provided, and sure enough, free mac & cheese. All I had to provide was my address.

They didn’t ask me to do anything else to receive the free grub. KRAFT didn’t ask me to buy anything. There were no surveys to complete, no tweets to respond to, no hashtags, photos, videos…nothing. It was simply a company reaching out to a potential customer. Providing unsolicited, proactive customer service. I’m interested.

In fact, they have a whole Twitter feed full of similar messages to other under-the-weather tweeters. The piece of the puzzle that is missing, however, is interaction. @KRAFTHomestyle is not following anyone, nor responding to mentions or thank you’s from other tweeters. I’m curious to see the results of their outreach.

Now, I’ll wait to see if the free cheesy goodness actually arrives… stay tuned!

UPDATED! Dec 17, 2010

The package arrived!

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