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The people at Spark are intensely focused and driven by a Midwest work ethic, which means doing things right from the start. That’s why before we build or rebuild your marketing campaigns and projects, we first work to build a smart strategic case, one that frames up what’s needed and why. It’s all engineered to ensure your strategy is effectively executed.


You’ll find an ever-running undercurrent of creative energy at Spark. Whether it’s a single design project or a comprehensive ad campaign, we bring award-winning, A-list talent to the task of growing your business. In the process, we take originality to new heights, drilling for new insights and turning perceptions inside out. We work collaboratively to discover what’s truly valuable about a brand and build on it in creative new ways.


From web development to fully integrated e-commerce/POS systems, Spark works to ensure your brand gets the attention you want through the channels you need. We leverage technology to optimize your marketing so that the digital strategies we build for you generate revenue. The designs we create move people to action. It all comes together in one seamless, well-built, hardworking marketing machine.

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Constructing or reconstructing a brand excites us. So does building a campaign from scratch, fashioning a new logo or assembling an entire e-commerce initiative. We’re comfortable providing a single project solution if needed, yet also able to deliver a complete set of tools to help build your business. Take a look at some of the work we’ve built.

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    We’ve rolled up our sleeves and are ready to put our talents and tools to work on your business. Please contact Mark at info@startaspark.com or (920) 379-4575.