Proven Results


How does a category leader with 90% of the world’s market share continue to grow? Spark tackled the opportunity for Barbicide, the global leader in hair salon disinfectants. We took the brand from its Norman Rockwell-barbershop image and transformed it into a style-forward salon identity. Work included a PR and trade education program that schooled stylists on proper usage. These efforts combined to transform Barbicide’s image and helped sustain its growth.

Menasha Packaging

There’s tremendous pride in our region’s papermaking prowess. In that tradition, Menasha Packaging has had much to celebrate, yet it lacked the vibrancy needed to get CPG brand managers and agency creatives to recognize the full breadth of its offerings. Utilizing a vibrant color palette throughout its communications—from corporate ID, web and trade advertising—and combined with a consistent PR program, Menasha Packaging now stands out from competitors as a leader in CPG specialty packaging and point-of-purchase display production.

Element Mobile

Surrounded by tier-one mobile providers including AT&T and Verizon, Central Wisconsin’s Element Mobile needed to play big to gain market attention. Our research revealed that the people of Central Wisconsin are pragmatic adopters. As a result, Spark positioned Element as the provider who truly “gets” them. The tagline, “Wireless for the Way You Live”, helped to nurture a powerful emotional link and overcame tier-one ad budgets. The partnership between Element Mobile and Spark was so successful it attracted attention from suitors nationally. AT&T merged with Element Mobile in an agreement that takes effect later in 2014.

Outdoor Outlet

Our passion for outdoor activities runs deep throughout Spark (biking, snow skiing, water skiing, hiking…), as does our passion for helping clients grow their businesses. Outdoor Outlet provided us both opportunities. From building its brand, advertising via billboard, designing interior wall graphics and point-of-purchase, Spark got Outdoor Outlet off to a strong start. Then real growth happened. By employing leading-edge e-commerce strategies, Outdoor Outlet’s business grew from $2M in brick and mortar business to $15M annually, including $10M in e-commerce. Growth like that gets attention. In this case, Vail Resorts valued Outdoor Outlet’s e-commerce engine and purchased the business after three years of stellar results.


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