Being the Brand Police is Hard. A Brand Standards Guide Can Help.

Written by Tom Cioni, vice president

STOP before you alter your logo at the request of your boss or company owner. At least hold up long enough to help them understand the consequences of changing your brand.

Changing a logo to another color, squeezing it to fit a convenient spot or putting it next to something else can weaken your logo and damage your brand. What can seem really simple and harmless can lead to the gradual or immediate damaging of one of your company’s strongest attributes.

The fact is, managing the marketing communications aspects of a brand isn’t easy. It takes a thorough understanding of the decisions that were made to create your brand’s image, understanding how your marketing and brand experience align with your company’s image and lots of discipline.

And even if you’ve got that all down, it’s like others don’t­­ — especially the top leaders. The qualities that often make them good at their jobs—decisiveness, visionary ideas and not taking no for an answer—don’t always make for the steady hand of a brand manager.

Sometimes when managing your company’s brand, it’s like being between a rock and a hard place. Doing what’s best for your brand can put you at odds with good people who don’t understand what’s at risk.

Spark Advertising can help.

We make the lives of people in charge of brands easier by making them customized Brand Standards Guides. Whether working with a newly created, newly re-designed or existing brand, a Brand Standards Guide simplifies the complex and critical business of keeping brands consistent and relevant.

Spark Advertising will create a Visual System for your company describing details like how to use your logo correctly, how to use visual elements like your official colors and fonts, and how all the elements of your various graphic products, like brochures and business cards, work together — and why this all really matters to your brand.

One of the most valuable things we bring is an understanding of what it’s like to be you, facing the challenge of explaining branding rules to the boss. We’ve got a plan for that.

Our marketing communications brand managers have been in charge of brands big and small, and have worked with Brand Standards Guides both simple and complex. We’ll make your company a streamlined manual that’s easy to understand and use, heavy on explanation as to why branding affects your business, and most of all, affordable.

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