Why Effective PR Should Be Ongoing

Public relations is about a lot more than press releases. Sure, you can send out a scattering of releases, but to have effective, consistent coverage about your business you must engage in an active PR program. A one-time press release is far less likely to get you coverage than an ongoing dialogue with the media.

Here are just a few reasons we insist ongoing PR is essential:

* Your company is always doing something new, so share it!

* It keeps your company top of mind with reporters. When media needs help with a story, they will think of you.
Journalists and reporters are extremely busy and appreciate a willing source.

* Relationships with media and all your publics take consistent and frequent dialogue and communication.

* Knowing which media outlets cover your industry takes time and resources.

* Just like any industry, the media is constantly changing, evolving, covering new and different markets, and searching for alternative ways to engage their readers. You can help by offering unique angles and timely topics and ideas.

* Two words: crisis management. Should a crisis arise within your organization or industry, relationships with media can help guarantee your side of the story gets told.

* Not only are relationships with the media important, you also must be aware of attitudes and needs of your customers, the community, company stakeholders, interest groups, and more. They are all your publics. Communicate with them on a regular basis through PR outreach.

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