Creative Thoughts: Logo Redesign

SPARK works with many companies in helping to shape their image and develop new creative concepts for their products and services. SPARK’s Creative Director, Matt Bellisle, shares a few words on the creative process of his latest project,  a logo redesign for Menasha Joint School District.

“Our approach was to give the brand a progressive and forward thinking design. Something that feels important and credible, yet playful enough to be approachable. The initial step was to give the typography a bold and modern feel. The brand’s original colors were blue and yellow. We wanted to have some lineage there, so we kept the blue, based on a variety of color trends and a connection to Menasha’s geographical connection to water and also for its global approach to learning. The global metaphor was continued into the shapes of the icon, which gives a sense of forward motion, but also a progression from smaller to larger, which is a terrific connection to learning and the growth that happens.”

-Matt Bellisle, SPARK Creative Director

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