Modern Word-of-Mouth Advertising

Modern Word of Mouth Advertising

Many have seen, shared and enjoyed the viral marketing campaigns of companies like Dove, Nike and Evian.

These ads are much more than just funny or inspiring YouTube videos with millions of views. The business use of these ads is growing swiftly as a form of marketing, ‘modern word-of-mouth advertising.’ They are using social media so strategically that the average consumer may not even realize these were intentional and planned to be viral ads.

Successful viral marketing is “a piece of content that is so brilliant that it engages the audience to such a degree, that that it spreads like a virus through the ranks of people all over the world.”[1] In order to go viral, something has to be memorable or be captivating enough to make the audience want to watch, read or share it over and over again. As a result, many companies’ marketing efforts to become viral may fail. It’s usually not easy or cheap.

Regardless, there’s huge value in creating the perfect ‘buzz’ about your business within your community, as well as the online community. One company has chosen to use viral marketing on a different level. I’m sure you’ve heard and seen some of the T-Mobile flash mob ads.

T-Mobile’s flash mobs tap into society’s huge appetite for using smartphones. Not only did T-Mobile broadcast their video through YouTube and other social media channels, but also bystanders recording the scene on their phone ended up sharing it further. It now has more than 13.5 million views on YouTube.

In the end, what Dove, Nike and T-Mobile are doing is creating a powerful and current experience and impression about their brand with their customers.

For the rest of us, businesses without huge resources, the lessons of viral marketing teach us that it’s brand experience that matters most. And we all can take part in that.

All businesses have their own unique advantages, culture and personalized way of doing things. Why not spread your brand and make your mark the way you answer the phone or the particular way you greet guests that walk through the door? The story is the same, once customers encounter an experience that moves them – they love to share.

A great brand is demonstrated through the collective experience of the many ways you touch and interact with your customers.

So take a lesson from the likes of T-Mobile to create a positive impression about your business that goes viral with your customers.

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