Social Media Weighs in on ‘The Situation’

by Amber Bemis, PR and social media intern

What’s creating buzz this week? The Situation. Reality TV star Mike Sorrentino brings attention to the news once again when a well known clothing company, Abercrombie & Fitch, requests that the star choose an alternative clothing brand because they are concerned about the effect the star is having on their brand. While scanning through my Twitter feed this article definitely caught my attention; it seems impossible to escape hearing about the controversial reality TV show, Jersey Shore, especially in social media.

If you have yet to accept the growing power of social media, simply type ‘Abercrombie’ in the Twitter search box. In a matter of minutes you will have access to hundreds of posts from users sharing their opinions about the topic. The users argue many valid points on the issue, re-tweeting articles to defend and criticize both Abercrombie and the Jersey Shore cast.

What should we take away from this issue? The power and influence that social media can have on the image of a company. Using social media can sometimes be a catch 22; it is almost impossible to avoid, but should be used with caution–everyone has an opinion and most aren’t afraid to post it.

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